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This multi-level practice combines the stilling quality of Flow 1 and the strength and stamina building techniques of Flow 2 to teach students how to create a balance of heat and calm in the body. The practice begins with opening focus and breath work, then moves on to flowing postures with plenty of opportunities to discover a joyful, peaceful ed


Enjoy 45 minutes of fast paced cardio cycling with a complementary 15 minute targeted conditioning workout to follow. You'll be doing jumps, hills and some deep muscle work, all to some seriously hot music. An aerobic exercise that takes place on a specially designed stationary bicycle. As you pedal, motivating music plays and the instructor guides

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With below the Belt, you'll be on your way to a higher ass in no time. Hello legs and glutes! Get ready for lunges, squats and step ups galore. With fun and exciting surprise exercises incorporated, of course.


Would you like to refine your baking skills? Or would you simply like to play with dough for a few hours? The “MiaMore” is a traditional Hungarian kurtosh pastry famously known as chimney cake.Feed your curiosity and learn how to make and bake the perfect balance of crispy flaky outer with soft inner delicious- ness. And, of course, you get to


This program is a combination of toning and strengthening using light weights, aerobic exercise, abdominal and leg work, and stretching. Don't wait a moment longer...Get Fit right now! Most students see results after a month taking the class 2 or 3 times per week.


These classes are structured around drawing and painting exercises to strengthen fundamentals. For beginners, it is a good introduction to basic skills, for more experienced students it is a chance to fortify their foundation and address weaknesses. There are individual critiques throughout. Note: Please bring drawing materials (pencil, paper) &am


It only takes 30 minutes to get yourself to a flatter stomach. This non stop class aims to keep your abs at work for the full half hour with alternative exercises. Attack your abs. don't just crunch!


Learn the basics of woodcarving, which includes low-relief and 3-Dimensional carving.This is a brief introduction to woodcarving.Note: All carving materials and on-site use of tools and equipment will be provided. Free membership in the Woodcarvers' Club is available.


This practice builds on the fundamentals of Dharma I, and is designed for those wishing to advance in posture practice. Dharma II will ignite the entire bodily system through practice. A series of deeper balancing, stretching, back bending, twisting and inverted variations will be taught, including the Headstand, King of Postures. This practice fi


In this session, you will experience the easy-to-learn form of SAORI as mindfulness meditative/creative weaving. The simple way of weaving leads your mind to the state of emptiness easily without practice. By focusing on your pleasure moment with color, texture, sound and rhythm, you can express your true self on the tapestry. You wi


If you are looking for a weaving place for the first challenge, a new hobby, or relaxation, this class is perfect match for you!We guide you how to weave with a pre-set loom. SAORI weaving method is the easy-to-learn form of, what we like to call, "happy weaving". You can begin to weave by yourself within five minutes. SAORI weaving is fun and time


Be ready for an amazingly graceful challenging practice steeped in 50 years of Sri Dharma's experience of the classical tradition. One of the joys of Master Practice is exploring variations of advanced postures you may not encounter anywhere else in the world of today, as well as the instruction in how to take the steps necessary to acquire these p


Students attending this class will connect with the deeper parts of themselves by exploring your practice with compassion and awareness. Keep your week flowing with an Ashtanga inspired vigorous flow.


Toddle Around classes always begin with an open-ended, active, choice-based art activity. Children squeeze, pour, and pound their way through process-oriented projects that don't always produce a finished product. The music portion of class is imaginative and developmentally appropriate so your child can recreate activities at home, and contai


Students will refine some of the basic techniques and also explore some more challenging moves. They will be taught how to layer isolations into combinations and form them into routines. Learn to belly dance in a simple & effective way. Friendly down to earth instructors break down fancy moves into fun easy steps. Discover how to dance with gra