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Most of the work will be done on the floor to enhance deeper hip, shoulder, and hamstring opening.


This perfectly balanced program will get you out of the gym and into the best shape of your life.


Learn fluid transitions that allow poses to flow from one to another developing strength, stamina and flexibility while also calming the mind.


Enjoy 45 minutes of fast paced cardio cycling with a complementary 15 minute targeted conditioning workout to follow. You'll be doing jumps, hills and some deep muscle work, all to some seriously hot music.


Taught by senior instructor Bernadette Duthu, this class will help to correct your physical alignment and bring the correct intention to each pose. You will leave refreshed, recharged, and with get up and go to take on the day with the armor of Yoga.


This multi-level practice combines the stilling quality of Flow 1 and the strength and stamina building techniques of Flow 2 to teach students how to create a balance of heat and calm in the body.


Learn to develop self-defense and provide a frame work for the perfection of character by integrating mental, physical, and spiritual values in this class.


Students enrolled in this class will learn to deepen their meditation practice and chill.


Be in good health and experience wellness and body confidence in this one hour fat burning class. Achieve thrilling results in a realistic, reasonable way.


In this course, students will create complex Access databases by structuring existing data, writing advanced queries, working with macros, and performing database maintenance.


These classes are structured around drawing and painting exercises to strengthen fundamentals.


Students will learn to create, manage and maintain their own database using FileMaker pro.


This course takes you through the complete basics of Final Cut Pro including editing video, working with music and audio, filter effects, automation, and more! We provide digital video cameras during class so you can practice importing footage.


This amazing hot yoga series works the entire body from the inside out, stimulating the glands and regulating the digestive and nervous systems. In other words, yoga will help improve your mental, physical and spiritual condition!